Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MAC Studio Fix NW10

Foundations and I have a long history. I'm very pale, I have very angry acne prone skin, and a lot to cover. Oh, and I'm very oily. So I'm asking a lot out of a foundation, and that means that I've tried a shit ton. Most of them were too dark, or too oily, or they didn't cover enough. If I loved the formula, surprise, it was too dark! (MAC STUDIO FIX. urgh!)

Half the reason I'm posting is because it was difficult for me to find online swatches/pictures of this before I went to buy it. I was SO excited for this shade to come out, since my first high end foundation was Mac Studio Fix and I hated it because it was macaroni orange on me. MAC's lightest shades are too dark on so many people, it was great to see them release something lighter!

Inside with flash:

Outside, no flash:

I swatched it pretty heavily so you could see the actual color. Unlike NC15, NW10 is really pink and very light. A bit too pink, if we're splitting hairs. When blended, it matches my skin surprisingly well. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Studio Fix Fluid, it smells like paint. VERY strong paint. That's my biggest issue with it. It stinks and you smell it on your face the rest of the day. However, it sets pretty much on it's own to a powder finish that is practically bulletproof and covers everything. A bit TOO matte for my liking, but sometimes when I want that flawless, matte, Dita von Teese skin, this is my go to.

For me, this passed "the boyfriend test". Every time I get a new foundation, I ask him to examine my face/neck to see if it's a match. His reply, "I didn't know you were wearing anything". 


I don't think you need this, even if you are this pale.

I wish I still had it so I could swatch them side by side, but I don't see much of a difference between NW10 and Revlon Colorstay in Ivory. Hell, even the formulas are close, right down to the same paint smell. I think Revlon's formula is a bit more forgiving and blendable, really. They have a surprising amount of shades to choose from, and Ivory is the holy grail for a lot of pinky toned fair ladies. 

MAC NW10 is a nice little splurge that isn't too hard on the wallet, and I personally think it photographs better than Revlon Colorstay does, but you definitely don't need it. MAC also do NW10 in the Studio Fix Powder formula. Funny thing about MAC foundations...the shades are not consistent.  NC15, most of the time, is an ok match for me in powders and concealers. The liquids set a bit darker. Keep that in mind before taking the plunge!

Anyone out there love Colorstay? Man I loved that in high school. Sometimes I get so carried away with pretty packaging and luxe brands that I forget about the trusty, cheap favorites!

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